Norseland Ski Queen Whey Cheese 12 / 250g
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Norseland Ski Queen Whey Cheese 12 / 250g

Product Code: CH4805

Ask any Norwegian for their favorite memory of home, and it might be a family holiday dinner with a block of Ski Queen in the center of the table. If you are a lover of cheese, tradition, and pure, simple food, Ski Queen is a must for your cheese board! Ski Queen Classic is made from the finest Norwegian cow and goat’s milk and cow’s milk cream. With a medium salty-sweet flavor, a slight tangy taste, and hints of sweetness from the caramelized milk, it’s very delicious thinly planed on baked goods, bagels and with fruit.

  • Imported from Norway
  • Contains: Milk

Ingredients: Rennet Whey, Pasteurized Goat’s Cream & Milk